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  • Bathroom Assistance

    Being able to use and get around the bathroom is one of the keys to being able to live independently. From bath lifts and shower chairs to raised toilet seats and grab bars, our partner merchants have the bathroom assist aides for your Loved One.

  • Mobility Aids

    Our partner merchants have the widest selection of mobility aids for your disabled, mobility impaired Loved One. From canes and walkers to scooters and wheelchairs, a solution exists for every budget.

  • Daily Living

    Visit our partner merchants for products that assist with daily living. From bedroom and kitchen aids to hygiene and medication assist, our merchants have the widest range of products at the best value for you.

  • Incontinence

    Our partner merchants offer incontinence products from briefs and pads to wipes and cleaners that simplify the life of your Loved One and increase their confidence.

  • Colon Care

    Promote colon health with our selected merchants. From enemas and suppositories to laxatives and constipation aids, our merchants offer the widest selection of colon care products.

  • Diabetes Care

    Explore the wide range of diabetes health care products such as dietary aids, skin care and skin preparation, and insulin syringes offered by our partner merchants.

  • Stress Management

    Take a break from the stress involved with care of a Loved One with our speciality self-help and stress relief merchants offering anger management, relaxation tools, and wellness coaching.

  • Caregiver Gifts

    In difficult times, let them know that you care. From flowers and gift baskets to stuffed animals, our selected merchants provide heartfelt gifts your community and Loved Ones.

  • Medical Alerts and Health Monitors

    From blood pressure monitors and diagnostic instruments to medical alert systems, our merchants offer the widest range of monitoring options.

  • Nutrition and Healthy Eating

    Providing care for a Loved One should include nutrituous and good-tasting foods provided by our partner merchants. Visit today and explore the wide range of options available.

  • Pharmaceuticals

    Visit our partner merchants for the widest selection of pointments, pain relievers, disinfectants, and more

I'm looking for Services

  • Caregivers, Companions, and Home Health Aides

    From independent, individual caregivers and companions to agencies, our partner services provide the most qualified help for you

  • Certified Nurses, Therapists, and Hospice Care

    Our partner services are your source for the best providers of custodial or hospice care, certified nurses, therapists, and more.

  • Accountants

    Visit our partner services to find the best accountants that specialize in needs for you and your Loved One.

  • Moving Services

    Need moving services because of a change in care of a Loved One? Visit our partner services to find the best movers that specialize in needs for your situation

  • Home Repair and Handymen

    Requiring home repair or renovation to handle the unique requirements of a Loved One? Our speciality service partners have the widest range of home repair, construction, and handymen support anywhere.

  • Insurance Services

    Our partner services offer the widest selection in health coverage to fit any need, from individual and family plans to short-term plans and more.

  • Reviews

    Looking for independent reviews on physicians, healthcare facilities, nursing homes, or conditions? Our partner services offer the best reviews for any situation.

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