Our Story

Several years ago my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. At first my siblings and I thought nothing of the caring process but as the days, months, and years went on, the task of caring for my father became more and more tedious. With our family dispersed across the country, the job of caring for my father fell on his wife and me. But even across great distances, the caring process and the desire to know didn’t stop.

On a regular basis, my sister would call to ask about Dad’s well being. She always wanted to know about his last doctor’s visit or what medications he was taking. Other questions like “are these the right medications?” “Do they interact with anything else he is taking?” “Who are dad’s doctors and where are they located?” And “how do we even know if dad’s doctors were the best at providing treatment for his disease?” Despite my frustration, I couldn’t deny that these were all valid questions for my sister to be asking.

During a recent conversation with a close friend whose mother had recently passed from cancer, we shared stories about the nature of caring for our ill loved ones and imagined how great it would be if there was an online application that could centralize and simplify the whole caregiving process. After searching the Internet extensively, I came to the conclusion that such an application didn’t exist and at the same time was desperately needed.

I have spent the last 12 years in the online advertising industry working for some very well known start-ups that have helped to shape the way advertising is done online. During those 12 years I have never been more excited about a new idea than I am about CareRunner. This is a project that has been born out of necessity and is also an honor to my father.

No matter where you are in the world, please join me and my family in setting up a CareRunner Community for your loved one, friend, or colleague and pay them the same respect as I have done for my father by providing them with the valuable service of a coordinated and knowledgeable group of caregivers.


Marc E. Kiven
CareRunner, LLC